In terms of Partition Deed of Paliam Family executed vide document No. 650/1956 of Kodungalloor SRO, dated 5th March 1956, two trusts have been formed in the name of Paliam Group Devaswom Trust and the Paliam Easwara Seva Trust for the management and administration of the trust properties. The eldest male member of the family who acquires the position and title of Valiya Achan from time to time shall be the Trustee who is vested with all the properties of the Trusts and authority to administer and manage the affairs of the trust, as stated in Clauses 6, 10 & 11 of the above said Partition Deed.
Trustee’s powers shall be exercised by the Manager of the Trusts in terms of the Power of Attorney to be executed by the Trustee in his favour.