Ancient Nair family in erstwhile Cochin State now in Kerala. Main Tharawad located at Chendamangalam in Ernakulam District. Family size & structure: The biggest joint Hindu family till partition in 1952. Number of members at the time of partition in 1952 was 213. The deed was registered in 1956. This appears to be the biggest partition deed of Travancore – Cochin/Kerala. Now in 2013 number of members is 444. Family system: Matriarchal: Wedlock of female members: Primarily to Namboodiri Brahmins, Cochin Royal family, Other Royal family members of erstwhile Travancore and Malabar areas and other prominent Nair Tharavads. Historical background: Political advisor to Maharaja of Cochin, held the position of Prime Minister for more than 150 years.Your Attractive Heading

titles conferred

1. Senior most male member. : Valiya Achan

2. Senior most female member. : Valiya Amma

3. Adult male member. : Achan

4. Adult female member. : Kunjamma

5. Minor male member. : Kuttan

6. Minor female member. : Pilla

Paliath ValiyAchans from 1565 to….. AchanFromTo
1Itty Kumaran Achan15651585
2Iravi Komi Achan15851621
3Ittinnan Kumaran Achan16211654
4Komi Achan I16541684
5Ittini Kumaran Achan16841731
6Kunjittinnan Achan17311750
7Komi Achan II17501779
8Govindan Valiyachan17791825
9Raman Valiyachan18251846
10Krishnan Valiyachan18461869
11Govindan Valiyachan18691898
12Raman Valiyachan18981905
13Krishnan Valiyachan19051911
14Govindan Valiyachan19111915
15Raman Valiyachan (Kunjan Kuttan Achan)19151940
16Krishnan Valiyachan19401942
17Govindan Valiyachan19421973
18Raman Valiyachan (Kochu Kuttan Achan)19731976
19Raman Valiyachan (Kochunni Kuttan Achan)19761980
20Krishnan Valiyachan (Unnikrishnan Achan)19801986
21Govindan Valiyachan (Pankajakshan Achan)19861994
22Krishnan Valiyachan (Appukuttan Achan)19941997
23Govindan Valiyachan (Kochupappu Achan)19971998
24Raman Valiyachan (Kochaniyan Achan)19981999
25Krishnan Valiyachan (Kunjunni Kuttan Achan)19992003
26Govindan Valiyachan (Vikraman Achan)20032023
27Krishnan Valiyachan (Rajendran kuttan Achan)2024