Paliam owns 41 temples spread over large parts of Kerala. These temples come under the Paliam Group Devaswom Trust, headed by the Trustee, Paliath Valiachan, the eldest member of the family. The trust started functioning in 1956. The trust started facing problems since 1970, consequent to the Kerala Land Reforms Act.

With the consent of the trust, the devotees of each locality, in and around the temple have therefore formed committees to maintain the sanctity of the shrines. However, the Paliam Group Devaswom Trust directly looks after the 7 temples located at Chendamangalam.

  • 1. Puthiyathrikovu Shiva Temple
  • Annual temple festival is of seven days duration counting day 1 after Kodikayattam. Kodikayattam seven days before the new moon day in the Malayalam month of Kumbham.

    The temple is close to the Paliam Tharavad. It is believed that the deity here is Vaikkathappan Himself, from the renowned Vaikom temple. He appeared here for the sake of his great devotee, a Paliath Achan who due to infirmity of old age could not go to Vaikom temple for his annual worship. Shivarathri falls during the annual festival of this temple. Vaikath Ashtami is also celebrated here.

  • 2. Chendathrikkovu Vishnu Temple
  • Annual temple festival or Ulsavam is of seven days duration after Kodikayattam. Kodikayattam is on the Malayalam star Chodhi and Aarathu on Thiruvonam in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam

    The antiquity and fame of this Narasimha temple is evident from the reference in "Vishnuvilasam", a rare poetic composition by Kunchan Nambiar's nephew, Ramapanivadan and its mention in "Kokila Sandesam" by the versatile scholar, Udhanda Sastrigal. The village derived its name from this temple. The "Prathishta" is beleived to have been done by Rishi Jayanthan and the Vedic God Vayu. The renowned Sanskrit scholar Ayya Sasthrigal popular as "Sabdikathilakan" and Panditharaja lived as puranika here for nearly 40 years.

  • 3. Bhagavathi Temple
  • Annual temple festival is of seven days duration after Kodikayattam. Aarathu on Karuthavavu day of Kumbha masam

    This Balabhadrakali shrine stands near Chendamangalam Panchayat office. For obtaining a suitable partner in life, "Swayamvara Pushpanjali" here is found to be very efficacious. "Vidyarambha" is considered to be propitious

  • 4. Kunnathu Thali Shiva Temple
  • Annual festival is of five daya duration. Kodikayattam is 5 days before the Malayalam star Thiruvathira in the Malayalam month of Dhanu.

    The shrine has a prominent place in the ancient 108 Shiva shrines. Of the 18 and a half Talis i.e. place where monarch took solemn decisions with this Lord as witness. For progeny "Nadathallal" is important here. The idol is installed in such a way that the sun's rays fall directly on the pinaccle of the sacro-sanctum on the 10th of Medam. There are 7 seperate Upadeva temples around the presiding deity. "Sapthamathrukkal" and "Brahma", with four faces, rarely seen in Kerala are also installed here.

  • 5. Arankavu Subramanian Temple
  • Annual festival is of 7 days duration. Kodikayattam is on the 3rd of the Malayalam month Medam.

    This temple is situated 1.5 kilometers south of Paliam Tharavad. The Skanda or Subramania temple is reported to be centuries old. Thaipooyam is celebrated with Abhishekams on the sacred idol with milk, honey, panineer, oil etc. Old timers say that, Sri Chattambi Swamikal has done penance here.

  • 6. Arankavu Shasta Temple
  • Annual festival is of 7 days duration. Kodikayattam is on the 3rd of the Malayalam month Medam.

    This Shastha temple which is centuries old is unique in its Prathishta. Together with His two wives Poorna and Pushkala and son Kuttishastha, the divine Shastha looks magnificent when adorned and pasted with sandal. During the annual festival, Kalamezhuthu Pattu is performed here on all the ten days from Vishu. Skanda and Shastha, the two warrior gods are beleived to be the protectors of the Paliam family and the villagers. Pilgrims to Sabarimala commence their journey from this temple after 41 days of Vratha.

  • 7. Kottayil Kovilakam Krishan Temple (Govindapuram Temple)
  • No annual festival or Ulsavam in this ambalam.

    A hill temple at Chendamangalam. The hillock is 100 feet high. the archeological department has taken cognizance of the ancient Vishnu shrine in the now extinct Villarvattom Palace. Lajahoma (Malar Nivedya) here pleases the Lord and blesses the couple with a son. At the base of the hillock on which the temple stands, there is a mosque, a church and a synagogue proclaiming the communal amity of the old days.

    Ernakulam District

    1. 8. Veliyathumparambu Bhagavathy Temple, Nayarambalamm
    2. 9. Karipuram Sree Krishna Swami Temple, Karumalloor

    Trichur District

    1. Siva Vishnu Temple,Thrikkur
    2. Mahadeva Siva Temple, Chengaloor
    3. Mathikunnu Devi Temple, Ponnukkara
    4. Mahadeva Siva Temple, Thrikkur
    5. Ayyappankunnu Temple, Thrikkur
    6. Variyathodi Vishnu Temple, Thrikkur
    7. Purayankavu Devi Temple, Thrikkur
    8. Maimbilli Siva Temple, Puthoor
    9. Korambukkavu Devi Temple, Thrikkur
    10. Methulli Mahavishnu Temple, Ponnukara
    11. Mannathu Narasimha-Vishnu Temple, Thrikkur
    12. Poovani Siva Temple, Kolazhy
    13. Sree Narayanapuram Temple, Mulamkunnathukavu
    14. Sreekrishnapuram Temple, Kundannur
    15. Thachanathukavu Bhagavathy Temple, Parlikkad
    16. Thachanathukavu (Siva, Bhagavathy & Ayyappa)Temple, Wadakkancheri
    17. Vallathuruthi Mahavishnu Temple, Parlikkad
    18. Vallathuruthy (Siva, Vishnu & Ayyappa) Temple, Parlikkad
    19. Sastha Temple, Thrissur
    20. Siva Temple, Thrissur
    21. Thiruvanikavu Bhdhrakali Temple, Mulloorkara
    22. Manakottukavu Devi Temple, Mulloorkara
    23. Anjumoorthi Vishnu Temple, Mulloorkara
    24. Nechikkavu Sastha Temple, Irunilamkodu
    25. Kadamankulam Bhagavathy Temple, Kannampara
    26. Irunilamkottappan Temple, Irunilamcode
    27. Thalayakulam Devi Kshetram, Eravatoor, Mala
    28. Chebikadath Bhagavathy Temple, Annamanada

    Palakkad District

    1. Arikkara Vishnu Temple, Cherpulasserry
    2. Olassery Ayyappankavu, Thiruvalathur
    3. Anthimahakalankavu Temple, Thiruvalathur

    Alappuzha District